We create your handcrafted furniture in antique wood.


We breathe new life into antique wood for creating unique environments and rich in personality. To design and create your bespoke furniture, we work with head, hands, the most advanced technologies and the utmost precision.



Your house is the heart of our project.
Every single detail is studied for making the most out of the different rooms in your home so that you can live them in a handy and comfortable way, without giving up on elegance.

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How we work

First of all, we listen to your needs, and then we suggest you customized, top-quality solutions.The best wood, our expertise and hard work make the rest, until we put a smile on your face.

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The wood

Antique wood is uneven and therefore difficult to be processed. This is the reason why we carefully choose and treat the wood, enhancing its natural characteristics and respecting it as much as possible both in terms of aesthetic and of environmental sustainability.