Authentic artisans at the foot of the Dolomites.


Our workshop can be found at the foot of the Dolomites.
Our passion for wood comes from this amazing environment. A timeless material that we have chosen to process according to traditional craftsmanship and to respect also from the environmental point of view.

We believe that the wood has to be enhanced as much as possible and this is the reason why we use it for creating furniture of great value, which is bespoke and respects the highest manufacturing standards.

In particular, we use antique wood, giving it a new lease of life. Anyway, we also like to match it also with other materials such as glass, steel, stone or Krion and to light everything up with particular lights for creating a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

Our commitment and our passion are at the service of those who, not only appreciate the beauty, but can also appreciate the value of an authentic handcrafted work, rich in personality.

We work along with other professionals such as architects, interior designers and other companies which can complete and enhance our product. We deeply believe in the exchange of ideas.

We pay great attention to everything concerning innovation in the furnishing world and we keep up to date on each constructive aspect, included the furniture hardware. Our projects join aesthetic, convenience and ease in every-day life.

We work with head, hands, the most advanced technologies and the utmost precision.

Something about us

Filippo Corisello

I am a sportsman and a mountain lover, who actively lives it. I’ve always wanted to be a woodworker, ever since I was I child. Wood is one of the most beautiful natural materials, to me; working with wood and touching it gives me a good feeling.
What do Filippo and me have in common? Besides the same name, we both have the same passion and commitment to our profession. This is essential for making sure that those who put their trust on us, can get a high-quality product, which is still made with such a particular care for the details as few others do.
My dream is to succeed in passing on the same passion to my children.

Filippo Tremonti

I am a creative spirit, I like drawing, “alternative” music and I love living in the mountains with my wife.
I like my job, because starting from a drawing and going through the project, it is possible to create a real product, to touch it and to live it day after day. All this makes me feel greatly satisfied!
I think that the transformation process of the wood is fascinating: from the tree in the wood, passing through the cut of the planks, up to the achievement of the furniture.
Each variety of wood has its own scent has its particular features and each time we find out something new, something special about it.

Vision & mission

Our aim is to offer exclusive and comfortable furnishing solutions, which can improve the quality and the lifestyle of those who choose to put their trust on us. We pay particular attention both to the aesthetic aspect and to the practical one, so that we can give a sensation of wellbeing and comfort to those who live our environments.

We provide a complete service from the project to the piece of furniture, highlighting the craftsmanship and the exclusivity of the product. It is important to us to explain how much passion, ability and time are needed for achieving the highest-quality finished product possible.