Our hands and our expertise are at your service.

Our Job and
our Skills
your Wishes

Just like in the most beautiful fairytales, it all starts with a date. It is the moment in which our passion and our expertise meet your wishes and your needs.
Solid grounds for consciously and professionally developing the entire project are necessary.
This is the reason why we involve you in choosing the most suitable type of wood and we explain you the whole productive process carried out.
At this stage, gaining your trust is our main achievement: the first step for reaching what your actually want for your house.

A customized Project to fit all your Needs

Passion, technology and the warmth of wood are mixed together for giving shape to your ideas.
Thanks to the 3D CAD design, we are able to make you understand and to show you the project well before the actual production has started. You will have a 360-degree view of the completed work, so that you will enjoy every single detail and it will be possible for you to compare them with every possible option specifically designed for you.
This is the creative step. It is at this stage that you can take into consideration our advice, suggestions and give us proper instructions for improving the design and the spirit of your project.

This is the journey of the wood from its selection up to its final installation.

Choosing and reclaiming
antique Wood

Our work becomes fully alive, as alive is the wood we personally choose, with great attention and the utmost precision.
All of our creations are made up of antique reclaimed wood; it is a time worn material, playing the lead role in long-gone stories and which will probably be designed for a brand-new environment.

Choosing the right wood means taking into consideration many aspects and only by following specific criteria it is possible to reach the real quality of the finished product.
Before choosing the wood, we have to know for sure which is the final result to be reached, the quality of the needed material and the lengths and widths necessary for creating the pieces of furniture part of the final project.
First of all, it is important to analyze the quality, the integrity and the compactness of wood, in such a way as to obtain a material with homogeneous tone and porosity for the whole furnishing or piece of furniture to be made.

This analysis goes far beyond the simple aesthetic beauty of the wood: thanks to the use of specific tools, such as the hygrometer, it is possible for us to reach the heart of the wood planks and to measure their level of moisture. Each variety of wood has a specific level of moisture and this represents its natural limit for the best wood processing, so that it is possible to avoid problems such as wood shrinkage, warping or otherwise. Thanks to the use of specific ovens, which can reach temperatures of 150/200 degrees, the wood is dried causing it to quickly reach the correct moisture content. This process allows a better processing and final quality. Wood impurities and any possible parasite (you can usually find woodworms in antique reclaimed wood) are removed.

The First Processing

Craftsmanship and absolute care for details are essential also at this stage. Choosing the material involves a second accurate selection of the wood, according to the pieces of furniture to be created.
We carry out a deep cleaning for removing all the impurities deposited over the time, removing small stones, sand, hay, and even nails, which could compromise the precise cut, which will be made by means of specific tools.
This step is time-consuming and a trained eye is necessary. Sometimes it takes an entire day to prepare the planks to be cut, but it is extremely important for ensuring the quality of the product.
After the cleaning, there is the cutting or roughing phase carried out by means of a specific bandsaw, equipped with an advancer, also called “band resaw”, which drags the plank towards the blade. The piece of wood is longitudinally cut, so that the finest part of the plank is selected from the rest.
A sort of wooden sheet is obtained, which may be between 4 and 8 mm thick, according to the patina and to the variety of the processed wood.

Everything is perfectly calibrated

The right measure is gradually achieved. We progressively improve the initial material.
The wooden sheets obtained during the previous step are now further adjusted by means of a gauge sander. The latter roughs and sands the wood to the tenth of a millimeter, so as to level out all the material to the same thickness. At this stage, the same piece of wood has to pass through the machine many times.
Besides coplanarity, gauging is essential for preparing the wood for the following processing. Nothing is overlooked.

The right Thickness

Thickness makes the difference, this is why the thin wooden sheets are now glued together by means of a heat press. The wooden or wood-fiber panel is therefore created from joining and overlapping various cross layers, in order to reach the desired stability and resistance.
The process is not over yet. We have obtained the rough piece of wood and this is another essential step, because thanks to an attentive check, we can understand how to position it and how it will look like in its final design.
The distinctive value of our creations lies in the fact that we create unique, high-quality and original pieces since the first touch.

for supporting Craftsmanship

It is necessary to give an identity to each element. The rough piece or panel is processed, routed, cut to size and rimmed. In this way, it becomes a semifinished product, which is not yet completed, but it already has its own unique style. Any well-done job needs time to be processed and, in this case, it also needs to be supported by technology.
Besides conventional machinery, we also use a 5-axis CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining center, suitable for wood processing. All this has helped to bring into our laboratory a new concept and a new way of designing, keeping an eye on quality and allowing us to remain competitive and to keep up to date.
The productive process has speeded up, optimizing technical processes and details, without giving up on care and precision in details. All this ensures the quality you are looking for in our product, which is perfect under any point of view.

Assembly Work
and Check of
every Detail

Our expertise in craftsmanship leads us also in the assembly work. The semifinished products are pre-assembled or glued in our laboratory, so that we are able to check any possible irregularity.
When checking, we make sure that we have followed the design in every single detail, especially sizes.
Thanks to the quality control of the product, it is possible to highlight adjustments to be done before the penultimate stage, that is the finishing stage.

the Finishing

Check, care and commitment are the key concepts leading our work. Therefore, we get to the final finishing, which is chosen according to the patina and the processed wood variety.
It is possible to choose among a simple sanding, or other finishes, such as brushing, which can add a lively, strong, rough touch to the semifinished product, otherwise it can also be hand-planed. In particular, this process involves the use of a planer and according to the type of blade or knife chosen (flat, curved or hollow) an antiqued and handcrafted effect is given to the product.

Natural Treatment as a Distinctive Value

Respect for nature is our philosophy. This is the reason why we use biological treatments, with natural products suitable for protecting and enhancing the wood peculiarities. All furnishings are refinished with oils, waxes or water-based coatings. In some cases, we leave first patinas to their natural state, after cleaning them by means of suitable brushes without affecting its original beauty.
We pay special attention in processing gray patina, which cannot be recreated by means of alterations or chemical processes and if inexperienced hands try to process it, or even only clean it more aggressively, said patina will irremediably lose its nature.
Perseverance, respecting processing times and, above all, attention for each single step are the key points necessary for assuring the desired high-quality product.

Our Work
in your House

Here we are. We arrive at your house carrying with us the furniture you were dreaming of, ready, checked and treated with the utmost care.
Also when arranging your furniture, it is possible to see the reflection of the way we work: neatly and with respect for every detail.
After the installation is complete, we like to see the look on your face, so that we can immediately understand if we have made a good job. The smile on your face is our true joy.

It is very important for us to explain this process to you, because, even if we use cutting-edge machines for assuring precise and high-quality products, what matters is that each project starts from our ideas and our experience. It is then thanks to our hands, our awareness and our craftsmanship that we can make everything. It takes many working hours for creating our unique pieces, but also great passion for this extraordinary job!